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This event is key to changing your life quickly

Here’s what Google displays when you search for “immersion”:


Immersion is when you submerge an item so fully into something that it can’t help but take on the very nature of the substance that surrounds it.
Immersion is what happens when a cucumber goes into pickling brine and comes out a pickle.

Or when an English-speaking woman places herself into a strictly Spanish-speaking environment and learns to speak Spanish in record time.

What’s something else that can happen by immersion?

How about this:
You place yourself into a weeklong environment of faith and God’s Word and you come out faith-filled, Word-washed and empowered by the Holy Ghost.

Looking for change in your life to happen quickly?
Get immersed.

It’s the concept that the Holy Spirit told Kenneth Copeland to build his meetings on. Create an environment where believers can get totally immersed in My Word.

That’s how our conventions are designed. They’re immersion services for you, your children and your teens, created to transform you and your family…quickly!

The change you desire can take months or years.
Or it can happen in record time.

That’s the power of immersion.
That’s the power of the Southwest Believers’ Convention.

Get immersed
July 4-9 at the
2016 Southwest Believers’ Convention
Change doesn’t have to take a long time.

Hotels are filling up FAST, so reserve your room today!
CLICK for more information and to register today.


P.S. Come a day early for an amazing night of unity and worship presented by ONE, and featuring Dove Award-nominated worship artist Dara Maclean, Worship Artist Michael Howell and Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Anthony Skinner. Click here to learn more.