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Your friends are thinking this right now…

“There must be MORE to life than this.” So many folks who’ve heard the message of victory from Kenneth and Gloria started their journey with that common thought. We’ve seen it time and again. And here’s something else they had in common… They found the “MORE” they were looking for in the same way! Most didn’t stumble across it on TV or hear about it in church. Believe it or not…they didn’t discover it on Google either! Nope. The best door to MORE…is YOU.  Think about the people in your life right now. •   Is financial pressure wreaking havoc...
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Get Your Kids EXCITED About Faith

Being a parent is a wonderful reward from heaven. Psalm 127:3 states, “Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him” (NLT). It’s a gift to watch your kids grow and learn under your loving care. It’s not always easy, but at KCM, you have a Partner in faith, a ministry full of believers dedicated to helping you and your entire family grow in the strength of the Lord! “There is no price too big, no effort too great, no job too hard for our God to reach our children,” said Kenneth Copeland. “Whatever we...
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Join Us for a July 4th Celebration with Phil Driscoll

Join us July 4, 2015, as we celebrate our great nation and great God with special musical guest Phil Driscoll at the Southwest Believers’ Convention in Fort Worth, Texas.  Phil Driscoll has moved audiences around the world for decades as a virtuosic trumpeter, singer, composer and producer. With a host of awards, including Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance, three dove awards and the 1999 Christian Country Music Association Award for Best Musician, Phil Driscoll has inspired people worldwide with his musical abilities and even has had the honor of playing before several United States presidents.  Experience for yourself...
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Don’t overlook this secret to faith, health and happiness

What can have a BIG, lifelong impact on your faith, help fight illness and depression, slow aging and increase happiness?  Friends. The role of friendships in our life is priceless. Just ask Dorothy, Saundra and Renee. God connected these three friends, and after 28 years (!), one thing is crystal clear: They’ve lived fuller, stronger lives of faith since God had their paths cross at a KCM Believers’ Convention nearly three decades ago. “The meeting is our draw,” says Saundra. “It’s our connection. We come for the Word, and we come for the fellowship—to be with each other.” Yes…they...
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Learn From 250 Plus Years of Ministry!

Creflo Dollar. 19+ years. Bill Winston. 27+ years. Keith Moore. 30+ years Jesse Duplantis. 37+ years. Jerry Savelle. 41+ years. Kenneth & Gloria Copeland. 48+ years. Each. That’s 250+ years of ministry. ** Imagine how many times they’ve had to apply the Word and stand in faith for breakthrough. ** Think about the symptoms of sickness they’ve spoken to and seen flee. ** Consider the times they’ve stared lack in the face, declaring and receiving the provision of God. They’ve overcome discouragement, taught their children to follow Jesus, and learned how to pray for loved ones to come into...
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Take a FAITH’cation!

Join us June 29 – July 24 at the Southwest Believers’ Convention. Click here to register. Have you ever heard of a FAITH’cation? It’s time you did. Literally tens of thousands of people have had their lives changed by one. Flatlining marriages have received new life…wayward youth have encountered the living God…ministries have been birthed…financial challenges overcome…and painful bodies have been restored to health! Vacations are great. But a FAITH’cation has the power to change everything. It certainly did for Ryan. He enjoyed one with us last year. Here’s what he posted right after attending…   This year, we’re...
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Experience SWBC 2013 AGAIN

This years Southwest Believers’ Convention saw thousands of people reconnect their relationships, recharge their faith, and receive the Word of God. Experience SWBC 2013 again through this collection of photos, videos, and social links.
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Let’s Celebrate Independence Day Together! (starts at 7 p.m. tonight)

Happy Independence Day! What a great time for us grateful Americans to get together with family and friends to celebrate our great nation and our great God! Join us tonight for the Fourth of July celebration, 7 p.m. CT, at the Southwest Believers’ Convention. If you’re near Fort Worth, come join us live at the Fort Worth Convention Center. If you’re farther out, your family can join us for live streaming of the celebration at www.bvov.tv. We’re going to have a good time of praise, worship, special music with Phil Driscoll, and powerful preaching with Jerry Savelle. There’s something...
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