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See how you’re REACHING children with Kenneth Copeland Ministries + Reaction Tour!

Click here to find out how you can be a part of Reaction Tour today!  Reaction Tour is an outreach of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. It exists to empower kids around the world through God’s love—using the avenues of sports, discipleship, dance, and music. In October, Reaction Tour will be headed to Hyderabad, India, and in December, Kampala, Uganda, to minister to over 1000 children…and because of your connection to KCM, you’re a part of this outreach! “It’s interesting how everyone thinks these kids need our ‘stuff’ when in reality the only thing they need is an introduction to the...
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Are you ready to receive what you’re believing for?

Join Pastor George and Jeremy Pearsons this week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast as they open up the truths of God’s Word about faith and patience—the power twins that overcome every trial in your life! Don’t miss a single day… Monday – Find out what God is saying to us about the connection between His great grace, faith and patience!   Watch Monday’s broadcast here. Tuesday – Turn on the light to the power that will bring your faith to fruition. Wednesday – Discover how faith and patience will carry you through every challenge life throws your way....
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Life without strife…you can have it!

Choose LOVE! On the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast this week, Kellie Copeland Swisher continues to share God’s Word and her personal experiences about the importance of God’s love being at the center of every relationship. Monday – See that true success is an attitude of the heart that starts at home and carries over into every area of life. Watch Monday’s broadcast here. Tuesday – Know that you can be a channel of God’s love for people who are looking for answers. Wednesday – Allow the love of God to be the driving force in your life and...
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Change the atmosphere of your home…with love!

Love your way to peace in your home. Join Kellie Copeland Swisher this week and next on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast and discover the secrets of God’s love—for you and through you! Build relationships that last through the power of Love. Don’t miss a broadcast! Monday – Develop good family relationships when you eliminate strife and receive God’s grace to walk in love. Watch Monday’s broadcast here! Tuesday – See how you can respond in God’s love and overcome any situation you may face. Wednesday – As you show the love of God to people who are...
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Be changed by the power of Love!

God’s love is the most powerful force in the universe…and His love is the most powerful force in our lives! God, who is Love, gave us Jesus, who is Love in the flesh! This Resurrection Week, think about the force of Love. You see, no one could lay a hand on Jesus until it came time for the supreme act of God’s Love to expose Jesus as the Lamb of God, the Savior of all mankind. Get a clear picture of what the force of LOVE will do—how it changes and rearranges everything in your life to become all...
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Share the Love!

We have enjoyed celebrating love with you this month: God’s love for us Our love for Him, and Our love for one another! Sharing love is the key to our peaceful, joy-filled life. This month, we’ve had several free downloads for you. Today we’ve got a video from Kenneth Copeland to help you fall even more in love with LOVE! Plus, if you haven’t grabbed the other downloads we’ve given away this month, there’s still time. Share this link: http://www.kcmblessings.com/love-teachings/downloads with your family and friends, too, and help spread the word about the Source of Love. God’s love will surely change...
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