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God Is Bigger Than Any Storm – Kenneth & Gloria Copeland

Join Kenneth & Gloria Copeland on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast and learn that God has the plan to help you overcome every storm in your life! Watch now! Mon – Understand that God’s Word has the answer for every situation you face. Tues – Learn how to turn your seemingly impossible situations into victory! Wed – See how the Word of God can change things in your life…every time. Thurs – See that the plan God has for you will never fail! Fri – Take the first steps to getting into God’s perfect plan for your life....
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God’s Good Plan for You – Kenneth Copeland

Join Kenneth Copeland on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast and begin to live in the good plan God has for you—starting today. Watch every day! Mon – Make the quality decision to live the Word of God. Tues – Have a life worth living when you ask God how to live! Wed – Use God’s Word to turn around every life-threatening situation. Thurs – Find the plan God had in mind for you since before time began. Fri – Follow some “special instructions” on how to choose and receive ALL God has for you! CLICK HERE to watch...
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Discover Jesus in Every Book of the Bible.

Join Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and their special guest, Marilyn Hickey, this week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast. Journey with them through the Bible to discover Jesus in every book! 5/5 – Mon. – Take a look at the Old Testament and discover Jesus in every book! 5/6 – Tues. – See how Jesus is revealed in the history and wisdom books of the Bible. 5/7 – Wed. – Search through the Minor Prophets to see Jesus show up! 5/8 – Thurs. – Journey into the New Testament and see the real Jesus and His love in...
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2014 Prophecy

Kenneth Copeland’s message and prophecy for 2014 given on New Year’s Eve 2013 is a must for every member of the body of Christ. Did you hear it?  If not, listen now and be encouraged!  2014 is the Year of Victory over death and manifested Love!  Click HERE to watch now! 
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Stir up your faith…like Kenneth Copeland did when he started on TV!

This year Kenneth Copeland Ministries is celebrating 35 years of the Believers’ Voice of Victory broadcast, but did you know that Kenneth Copeland wasn’t interested in starting a television ministry when God called him to do it? He was even less excited about a daily broadcast since several scandals involving television evangelists had been exposed in the news. As Kenneth himself has said: In 1988, God gave Gloria and me some directions we didn’t really want to hear. It was during a time of pressure for us. The finances of the ministry were down. Physically and emotionally I was...
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UPDATE: Now hear Kenneth Copeland ALL WEEKEND! (Living Victory Faith Encounter)

Praise God! It’s Resurrection Sunday weekend and we have good news: Brother Copeland will now be teaching at ALL services at the Living Victory Faith Encounter in Orlando! Make plans now to spend THIS WEEKEND with Kenneth Copeland for a continuous, life-changing series… Friday, April 18 9:00 a.m.** Pre-Service Prayer with Lyndsey Swisher 9:30 a.m. Kenneth Copeland 2:00 p.m. Kenneth Copeland 6:30 p.m.** Pre-Service Prayer with Lyndsey Swisher 7:00 p.m. Kenneth Copeland Saturday, April 19 8:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast Reception 9:00 a.m.** Pre-Service Prayer with Lyndsey Swisher 9:30 a.m. Kenneth Copeland (includes Healing Service) Note: The original 1 p.m....
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News causing fear to rise in you ? Hear what Kenneth Copeland has to say…

Is the news about wars, blood moons and other rumors causing fear to rise in you? Or do you know someone who’s fearful about everything going on? Take heart! Watch Brother Copeland, Pastors George and Terri Pearsons and David Barton as they share why these things MUST come to pass…and why NONE of it is taking God by surprise. When you look at today’s news in light of the Gospel, you may never look at world events the same way again!
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Let Your Joy Overflow

  Whether you realize it or not, you need the joy of The LORD. Everything in you is crying out for it. You may have tried to satisfy yourself with superficial substitutes like money, social position, success, even drugs, alcohol, illicit sex or overeating. If you have, you know that ultimately those things leave you unfulfilled. The happiness they bring quickly vanishes. And you’re left once again with that deep inner longing for something more. Joy. Your entire being craves it. Why? Because if you’re to keep on living, you need strength, and the joy of The LORD is...
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Discover Your Inheritance in the Kingdom of God!

Join Gloria Copeland and Pastor George Pearsons this week and next on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast as they reveal the glorious benefits we, as God’s children, have inherited! Don’t miss a day as they answer these provoking questions: Monday – Would you leave your blessings on the table if you knew what belonged to you? Watch Monday’s broadcast here. Tuesday – Are you opening your heart to God and receiving the good things He has for you? Wednesday – Are you turning down God’s great plan for you without realizing it? The Heirs of God Package will...
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