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400 Families – TOUCHED by Jesus this Resurrection Season!

In September 2013, devastating flooding hit Colorado. It began September 9 and by the 15th, record breaking rainfall had caused flooding in 17 counties. Nineteen thousand homes were damaged and 1500 homes were destroyed. Immediately following the flooding, the Kenneth Copeland Ministries Disaster Relief team was on the scene, checking on Partners and providing assistance. Of course, complete recovery can take a long time—both physically and spiritually—so, on April 12, 2014, the KCM Disaster Relief team returned to Longmont, Colo., to host THE REACH in partnership with Feed The Children and Pastors Mark and Patty Spencer of Christ Church...
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News causing fear to rise in you ? Hear what Kenneth Copeland has to say…

Is the news about wars, blood moons and other rumors causing fear to rise in you? Or do you know someone who’s fearful about everything going on? Take heart! Watch Brother Copeland, Pastors George and Terri Pearsons and David Barton as they share why these things MUST come to pass…and why NONE of it is taking God by surprise. When you look at today’s news in light of the Gospel, you may never look at world events the same way again!
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Courtney Copeland and Reaction Tour return from Juarez, Mexico!

 1500 Children Will Never Be the Same! The Reaction Tour team and I just returned from ministering to 1500 children in Juarez, Mexico and IT WAS AMAZING! For two days, 30 buses showed up and children poured out with so much excitement and joy that you could feel the energy. The children played sports, did crafts, learned dance, had two meals (a rarity in Juarez), sang to the Lord and most importantly, heard the WORD of the Lord that WILL change their life for eternity! Sports, dance and music provide an amazing vehicle to open up the heart of a child...
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Share your faith – use these free resources!

This season is sure to open doors for you to share your faith…and I’m going to help make it EASY for you with a bunch of FREE resources you can download today! First, grab this handy card with prompts for breaking the ice about your faith, scriptures you can share, and three simple sentences anyone can pray to make Jesus their Lord. Next, download these two tracts. The first one is another great help when leading someone to Christ, and the second is perfect to leave with them afterward, so they know what to do next. Then, I want...
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Let Your Joy Overflow

  Whether you realize it or not, you need the joy of The LORD. Everything in you is crying out for it. You may have tried to satisfy yourself with superficial substitutes like money, social position, success, even drugs, alcohol, illicit sex or overeating. If you have, you know that ultimately those things leave you unfulfilled. The happiness they bring quickly vanishes. And you’re left once again with that deep inner longing for something more. Joy. Your entire being craves it. Why? Because if you’re to keep on living, you need strength, and the joy of The LORD is...
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Jesus has taken care of sin—ONCE and for ALL!

Join Kenneth Copeland and Rick Renner this week and next on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast and receive revelation from heaven about all Jesus has done for us. Don’t miss a single day! Monday – Discover the dangers of taking offense and why it’s so important for us to forgive. Watch Monday’s broadcast here! Tuesday – Learn the importance of forgiveness—both giving and receiving it. Wednesday – See how Jesus’ actions in the Garden of Gethsemane assured our victory. Paid in Full will help you get a clear picture of all Jesus did in giving His life for...
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Are you ready for everything to CHANGE? Now’s your time!

There’s no better way to get away and ignite your faith than by joining Kenneth Copeland this April 18-19 in Orlando for the Living Victory Faith Encounter.  Join us for a two-day meeting where you can meet like-minded Christians, study the Bible together and receive personal ministry. Admission is FREE. Register now.  
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Discover Your Birthright as a Child of God!

Join Gloria Copeland and Pastor George Pearsons this week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast as they continue teaching from the revelation of all God has in store for His children. You won’t want to miss a day! Monday – Discover God’s promised inheritance to His children. Watch Monday’s broadcast here. Tuesday – Understand that God sends opportunities for blessing our way, every day. Wednesday – See how your heavenly Father has a life path laid out for you that will result in tremendous blessing! The Heirs of God Package will help you take hold of the things...
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Ignite your faith in Orlando with Kenneth Copeland. It’s only a few weeks away!

Need to get away? There’s no better way to ignite your faith than by meeting with other believers, hearing the uncompromised Word and receiving personal ministry. Join Kenneth Copeland, along with Dr. Stephen and Kellie Swisher, on April 18-19 for the Orlando Living Victory Faith Encounter!   To find out more, click here. Admission is FREE, so make your plans today! Register for this event now!
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