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How to Win Every Battle

Jesus has taken care of every kind of trouble. Learn how to put the Devil on the run! Jesus is the Christ. The Greek word Christ means “the Anointed One.” And since Isaiah 10:27 tells us the yoke of the devil is destroyed by the anointing, we don’t have to run scared when the devil comes against us, our loved ones or our nation. We can put him to flight with the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony and the yoke-destroying Anointing of Jesus Christ Himself! That’s what Jesus expects us to do. He has already taken...
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Kenneth’s Partner Letter 

“The LORD has blessed me with many good friends over the years, but the best friends I have are the people who have partnered with me in this ministry. Those are the people I write letters to every month.” And every month since penning his first Partner Letter in February 1986, Kenneth Copeland has faithfully fulfilled his commitment to write a letter and send it to all his Partners, year in and year out, without fail. It’s timely, it’s real and it’s personal…because as far as Brother Copeland is concerned, he’s writing to his closest friends. A Lifelong Commitment...
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How to Turn Your Hurts Into Harvests

by Kenneth Copeland What do you do when someone mistreats you? I didn’t ask what you want to do. I didn’t ask what your automatic fleshly reaction is. I already know that. Your natural, knee-jerk response is the same as mine. You want to strike back. You want to do something or say something that will even the score. If you can’t manage that, you might settle for a few hours (or days or years) of feeling sorry for yourself. You might try to ease your wounded feelings by telling someone how wrongly you’ve been treated. On a purely natural, human...
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Celebrating Bishop Tony Palmer – A Man of Faith and Unity

A dear friend of KCM and the church has joined the host of saints in heaven. On Sunday, July 20th, Bishop Tony Palmer passed away after undergoing hours of surgery following a motorcycle accident in the UK. The Lord has used Tony’s many ministerial friendships across the globe to bring a new level of kingdom bonding among Evangelicals and Catholics. His personal relationship with Pope Francis, Kenneth Copeland and other world Christian leaders has resulted in strengthening the brotherhood in the church and bringing glory to the Lord. He was instrumental in this call to unity and the impact of his faithfulness will...
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The Blessing of Abraham

This week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast Gloria Copeland and Pastor George Pearsons study the Blessing of Abraham in-depth. See what all belongs to you as a joint heir of THE BLESSING! 7/21 – Mon. – Discover that you are redeemed from every curse! 7/22 – Tues. – Take comfort in knowing God has made a way for his people to live blessed. 7/23 – Wed. – Learn how to position yourself to be overtaken by THE BLESSING. 7/24 – Thurs. – Understand that you can operate in the fullness of THE BLESSING… no matter what! 7/25...
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We Are Facebook Verified!

KCM Facebook Page We have good news about our Facebook pages – they are now “verified” by Facebook! This means authentic KCM pages will have a blue badge  next to the name of the page. If you haven’t connected with us yet or have been scammed by someone posing as Kenneth or Gloria Copeland in the past, you don’t have to be concerned anymore…connect with us today! Below are the three verified pages from KCM: Kenneth Copeland Ministries verified page: Kenneth Copeland’s verified page:  Gloria Copeland’s verified page: Click here to connect with us on Facebook.      
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Turning Up the Power

Oh, God, I need more power! Please…please…please give me more power, LORD! Have you ever prayed a prayer like that? I have. In fact, some years ago I was praying along those lines, earnestly beseeching God to give me greater power to minister. It was a fine, very spiritual-sounding prayer. But The LORD interrupted me right in the middle of it. ‘Kenneth,’ He said, ‘where would I go to get you more power?’ The question stopped me cold. ‘No one has more power than I do,’ He continued. ‘And I’ve already filled you with My Spirit. I’ve put within...
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Integrity of the Written Word – Kenneth Copeland

This week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, we open the Foundations of Faith and give you a classic teaching with Kenneth Copeland. Watch as he shares The Integrity of the Written Word! Mon – Learn how to live a fulfilled life through your identity in Christ. Tues – Discover your God-given right as a born-again believer to walk in covenant victory! Wed – Learn how the Word of God is alive and will overcome anything and everything the world brings against you! Thurs – All of your covenant promises are backed by the Word of God. See...
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