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The Responsibility of the American Believer

Today, many of America’s citizens wrestle with the intent of the founding fathers when they established this country. More than 200 years after the fact, people debate whether or not our nation was God-ordained. Well, anyone who knows God knows He established America on purpose. There’s no other nation like it on earth. There never has been and there never will be, at least not until other nations are able to place God in control like He is here. His control of this country goes back to the beginning. There was a covenant made aboard the Mayflower ship, binding...
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Only 16% of U.S. citizens put the president into office—see how!

You’ve probably heard about the city of Houston and how its leaders have demanded that Houston pastors turn over their sermons, speeches and other communications regarding homosexuality and gender identity. Houston is not the only location affected by these types of city ordinances, which have been sweeping the nation for the last couple of years. How do things like this happen? Because U.S. citizens make the choice for their leaders by either voting or not voting. Unfortunately, the number of people voting does not represent the majority of Americans. Would you believe only 16% percent of U.S. citizens put...
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Righteousness Stems from this Government Official…

Righteousness. We all want it for our country. We want to live in a land blessed with righteousness! But where does righteousness come from? The Bible makes it clear: Righteousness stems from a certain government official…find out who, in this clip from a recent Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast with Kenneth Copeland and David Barton: Remember to vote in the upcoming election. Every vote counts. Together, as Christians unite and vote godly representatives into office, we can make a difference! And remember …. Jesus is Lord of the United States of America! Kenneth Copeland Ministries P.S. Join us Nov. 4 at...
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Seek God & Follow His Plan

On the Believer’s Voice of Victory this week, Kenneth Copeland and David Barton continue their eye-opening discussion of God’s plan and our Founding Fathers’ dream for our nation. Mon – See the importance of humility and the power of prayer in your nation. Tues – Understand the importance of Christians praying for our nation’s leaders. Wed – Discover that in the matter of making choices, we must follow the choice that produces life, rather than death. Thurs – Know that God has a specific plan and purpose for all governments. Fri – See how nations are most effective when...
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Join us Nov. 4 for Live Election Coverage!

We are at a critical time in our nation’s history. It’s more important than ever to be informed and vote according to the Word. Take action and sow your election seed and vote in faith on Nov. 4! Every vote counts, and it’s vital to have change in our government this election. Then, take it to the next level by watching America Stands 2014—live election coverage in the spirit of faith! America Stands 2014 Tuesday, Nov. 4 • 7 p.m. CT On BVOV.TV and the KCM Roku channel Join Kenneth Copeland, hosts Pastors George & Terri Pearsons, Tim Fox...
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Christian Voting 101 – How to Choose the Right Candidate

When it comes to politics, generations of church people in America have said, “We’re just hoping and praying the Democrats can fix this mess….We’re just hoping and praying the Republicans can fix it.” Well, the politicians are not God. Besides, they’re only here to govern, and the government cannot create or change a thing. Real change—whether in the political, economic or spiritual realm—only happens when the Church begins to pray and believe God. We’re the ones with the real authority, and we’ve been given that authority by the Name of Jesus. The only problem is, we haven’t known what...
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The Healing of Our Land

Join Kenneth Copeland and David Barton this week and next on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast and discover the biblical history of the United States and how the Founding Fathers viewed the new nation. Mon – Discover God’s pattern for healing our land. Tues – Realize why believers must stand for God and be salt and light to their nation. Wed – See why believers must be involved in their nation’s political processes. Thurs – Find out the importance of good leadership in any nation, and the importance of a nation’s stand of faith by her people. Fri...
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The Force of Faith

Join us this week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, as we once again open the Foundations of Faith and give you a classic teaching from Kenneth Copeland. Watch as he shares all about The Force of Faith! Mon – Learn about the mighty, powerful force of faith that you possess as a believer. Tues – Discover how your faith brings the unseen things of the spirit into everyday realities. Wed – Learn how God has given you His faith and how you can live by its power. Thurs – See that the spirit realm and its reality...
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Kenneth Copeland Addresses the Ebola Virus Threat

With news of the Ebola virus growing in intensity across the Web and news channels, Brother Copeland has released this message for his Partners and Friends. Take courage! There’s no need to fear, for The WORD triumphs over anything the enemy tries to throw our way. Click here to download Healing Scriptures read by Kenneth Copeland—to feed your spirit and keep you established in the truth!
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