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Across The Nation! Copeland Family Meeting

The Copeland Family Meeting was December 4 – 6th in Orlando, Florida, and for those that are unable to attend this great meeting we wanted to give you a sample of some of the teachings from Kellie, Stephen, and Jeremy. In this time of global upheaval and economic recession we’re delivering God’s Word with confidence, not just to cope but to overcome. Bring your family and friends for an outpouring of the blessing. We’re bringing the good news of God’s Word…No Fear. No Doubt. View the videos after the jump.
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Copeland Family Meeting in Orlando, Flordia

In late August the children and grandchildren of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland came together for a meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Pearsons, Swisher, and Copeland families each delivered a message that God had been laying on their heart, and on December 3rd these anointed family members will be meeting in Orlando, Florida for a weekend overflowing with blessings, hope, and joy. Through God’s Word, their powerful insights and ministry speak to your heart, your concerns, and your life — today. No matter what your situation is, you can fill your heart with hope and a sense of peace. It’s...
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It’s Time To Thrive, George Pearsons

At the 2009 Copeland Family Meeting, a new Kenneth Copeland Ministries event, George Pearsons shared a message titled “It’s Time To Thrive, Not Just Survive.” In the clip below he starts his message with a declaration of faith. “It is my time to thrive not just survive. I am not moved by what I see. I am not moved by what I hear. I’m not going under. I’m going up higher. It is time to thrive. We are prospering, flourishing, succeeding, advancing, and increasing. I may be in this world, but I am not of it. I am separated...
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Sermons from the first Copeland Family Meeting

“We’re thriving and providing more ministry by sending our sons and daughters for you and yours.” -Kenneth Copeland Back in late August the children and grandchildren of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland met for a three day meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. George & Terri Pearsons, Jeremy & Sarah Pearsons, Steve & Kellie Swisher, and Marty & John Copeland each delivered God’s Word with confidence, that during this time of global upheaval and economic recession God’s people should be overcomers. If you would like to view the August Copeland Family Meeting you can do so by visiting the Copeland Family Meeting...
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