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Let go of the weight of worry!

This week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, Jeremy Pearsons shares the heart of Jesus when it comes to taking the weight of worry and care off your back. Join him every day to see how this “weight-loss program” will set you free! Monday – Find out how God desires to satisfy your life and free you from the weight of worry. Watch Monday’s broadcast here. Tuesday – Discover all the good things that God’s grace provides—and how His grace will free you from worry and fear. Wednesday – Learn how to change your natural thinking (worry-based) to...
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This Week on Believers Voice of Victory

  This week and next on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, Gloria Copeland and Billye Brim come together again to open the book of Revelation and show us how God desires to reveal His plan for us in these last days. Watch now!
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Things I’ve Learned From My Dad

Steadfast and committed! Of all the things I could say about my dad, Kenneth Copeland, those two words really stand out, because that’s the only way I’ve ever known him to be. I can say the same for my mom, as well. They have always been steady in whatever they’ve done, and in whatever they’ve believed. They’ve never changed from being steady in God’s Word, and they’ve never compromised. And that’s what I am most proud of about them. Even in some of their most difficult times, some of which included enduring my years as a teenager, they always...
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Grow Up in Love

Some people think love is so basic, it’s something only spiritual beginners must study. They consider the gifts of the Spirit—like tongues and interpretation, the gifts of healings and miracles—as more relevant to the mature believer. But the gifts of the Spirit are not marks of spiritual maturity. The Corinthian church abounded in those gifts, yet the Apostle Paul referred to them as “mere infants…in Christ…still [unspiritual, having the nature] of the flesh” (1 Corinthians 3:1, 3, The Amplified Bible). As wonderful as the gifts of the Spirit are, the Bible teaches that it’s the fruit of the spirit—“love,...
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Put the Devil on the Run!

by Kenneth Copeland. Jesus is the Christ. The Greek word Christ means “the Anointed One.” And since Isaiah 10:27 tells us the yoke of the devil is destroyed by the anointing, we don’t have to run scared when the devil comes against us, our loved ones or our nation. We can put him to flight with the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony and the yoke-destroying Anointing of Jesus Christ Himself! That’s what Jesus expects us to do, He has already taken care of every kin of trouble that could ever come to the human family...
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More Fun Than You Ever Had

by Kenneth Copeland. If you are wondering why things are going to be all right in your life when they are going so wrong everywhere else, it’s because, as a believer, you’re in covenant with God. You’re called, appointed and anointed to be a distributor of His blessings. You’re divinely commissioned to bring help to a hurting world. “But Brother Copeland, I don’t have anything to give!” That’s not true. Second Corinthians 9:10 says that Jesus “ministereth seed to the sower….” The word minister there is an important word. It refers to “someone who is appointed to administer or...
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KCM partners with local non-profit food outreach.

Earlier this year, Kenneth Copeland Ministries announced a new partnership in ministry with The Joseph Storehouse — “providing help for today and hope for tomorrow.” The Joseph Storehouse is a disaster and hunger relief organization that works with food manufacturers and retail chains to expand their charitable outreach. They also assist ministries and churches with their food pantries. This year, The Joseph Storehouse has partnered with KCM to provide disaster relief to tornado and flood victims in Alabama, Missouri and Montana. You can visit The Joseph Storehouse at 4605 Denton Hwy., just off north 820 in Fort Worth (or...
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Kenneth and Gloria Copeland Hosts on TBN

  Kenneth and Gloria Copeland hosted the Trinity Broadcasting Network Praise the Lord Live program on Monday, November 21, beginning at 9 p.m. CT (7 p.m. PT). They were joined by guests Jerry and Carolyn Savelle, and Dennis and Vicki Burke. Tune in for an evening packed with encouraging ministry! Click here or the image above for the video link from TBN’s archives.  
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THIS is going to be big: because GOD is in it!

Dear Partners and Friends, I am excited to announce that God has raised up Riley Stephenson, an on-fire evangelist who has been our outreach minister for years, to take on a full-time role in expanding our evangelistic efforts. Dad says, “Riley is the soul-winning-est man I have ever known in my entire life.  I’m just glad to call him my friend.” You’ll be seeing Riley all over the place as he’ll be working with churches, ministries and individuals throughout the country—wherever it’s needed—to take their ministries to the next level. The key is training. Without it, evangelism can be...
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Believers Voice of Victory To Leave WGN

Since 1992, the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast has had as one of its media outlets the WGN television network, based in Chicago, Ill. Many times during the years we’ve broadcasted on WGN, our program has either been replaced or pre-empted due to content. Programs that the network has apparently found objectionable include ones that mention the following: abortion, understanding socialism, homosexuality, and comments regarding government programs and taxes, just to name a few. KCM understands that WGN is privately owned by Tribune Broadcasting Company, and as part of its policy it has the right to not air content...
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