If you ever hesitate to share your faith, this will help. - Kenneth Copeland Ministries Blog

If you ever hesitate to share your faith, this will help.

When you have the right tools, the job is easy.

That goes for just about everything.

Cooking a meal.

Building a deck.

Fixing your car.


Do you ever wonder why some people seem to share their faith effortlessly while the thought for others makes them want to run for the hills?

It’s because they have the right tools.

 We’re hosting FREE evangelism training with our very own Riley Stephenson one week before and during our Southwest Believers’ Convention.

Getting over your fears isn’t hard! Riley’s been equipping people to evangelize with confidence for years as the Head of Evangelism here at KCM.

He’ll give you the tools you need to share your faith naturally and effectively and then lead everyone in teams to go out into the streets of downtown Fort Worth to bring people in to receive something BIG from God.

Training is FREE and Riley is holding it at 2 convenient times!

Week before SWBC – June 24-26.            Schedule of events:

Christian Worship Center                               Wed. 6/24 @ 7pm – Evangelism Training

2520 NW 18th St.                                          Thur. 6/25 @ 10am – Street Evangelism

Fort Worth, TX 76106                                  Fri. 6/26 @ 10am – Street Evangelism


Week of SWBC – June 29 – July 4.

Fort Worth Convention Center – Rm #110A/B

Mon., June 29th – Fri, Jul 3 – 8 am

Saturday, July 4th at 8:30 am


Let’s get the Word out and FILL the Fort Worth Convention Center! For more information email Riley’s office here.