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5 Points to Live in Divine Protection

These days the news media are always talking about the latest “scare.” For a while, it was Ebola…then it was the flu…next it will be something else. As a believer, however, you don’t have to partake of those scares. You can live in perfect safety, even in the midst of a dangerous world, by dwelling in the secret place of the Most High. Here are some points to get you there. 1) Know what God’s WORD says about your protection. Psalm 91:10: “There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.” 2) Determine to...
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6 Ways Your Life Helps the World See Jesus

People today are hungry to see Jesus. They don’t just want to hear about Him. They don’t just want to know what other people say about Him. They want to see Him for themselves. They want to see His character. They want to see His life. They want to see His power. The time has come for us, as the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, to rise up and give them what they want. It’s time for us to let Jesus walk and talk and live His life through us. It’s time for us, by the power of...
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Learn From 250 Plus Years of Ministry!

Creflo Dollar. 19+ years. Bill Winston. 27+ years. Keith Moore. 30+ years Jesse Duplantis. 37+ years. Jerry Savelle. 41+ years. Kenneth & Gloria Copeland. 48+ years. Each. That’s 250+ years of ministry. ** Imagine how many times they’ve had to apply the Word and stand in faith for breakthrough. ** Think about the symptoms of sickness they’ve spoken to and seen flee. ** Consider the times they’ve stared lack in the face, declaring and receiving the provision of God. They’ve overcome discouragement, taught their children to follow Jesus, and learned how to pray for loved ones to come into...
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The KCM Disaster Relief Team Helps Families in Oklahoma Recovering from Recent Tornados

Watch this video to see how the KCM Disaster Relief team helped families in Oklahoma recovering from recent tornados. Our Outreach Department reaches out and changes lives in the aftermath of disasters, and helps fellow Partners find hope when the enemy attacks! Be a part of the Disaster Relief and Evangelism teams’ efforts by becoming a Partner at HERE.  
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5 Steps to Live Long & Strong!

by Gloria Copeland “With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation.” (Psalm 91:16) The Bible has a lot to say about God’s will concerning our life here on the earth—how we are to live and for how long. God has a good, long life planned for us. But without that revelation, when we reach 60 or 70, we may start winding down and getting ready to go. God never meant for us to die young. It’s His will for us to live out the full number of our days. Traditionally, Psalm 90:10 has been quoted...
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Step Outside the Boat of Your Everyday Routine

Digging into God’s Word by faith and spending time with Him in prayer every day is the foundation of your life as a believer. Period. But sometimes God calls you ‘out of the boat’ of your everyday routine and onto the water. Why? Because your breakthrough is there. Remember Peter? He was standing in a familiar place, a place where he stood fishing every day, when Jesus broke his routine with one simple word. Come (Matthew 14:29). For this seasoned fisherman, the boat was dry, comfortable and convenient. Jesus’ invitation, on the other hand, called him onto the water....
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Take a FAITH’cation!

Join us June 29 – July 24 at the Southwest Believers’ Convention. Click here to register. Have you ever heard of a FAITH’cation? It’s time you did. Literally tens of thousands of people have had their lives changed by one. Flatlining marriages have received new life…wayward youth have encountered the living God…ministries have been birthed…financial challenges overcome…and painful bodies have been restored to health! Vacations are great. But a FAITH’cation has the power to change everything. It certainly did for Ryan. He enjoyed one with us last year. Here’s what he posted right after attending…   This year, we’re...
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What’s the ‘Big Gun’ in Your Spiritual Arsenal?

The answer might surprise you. All spiritual battles are not created equal. Some are simply skirmishes, easily won and quickly left behind. Others are fierce fights against the heavy artillery of an adversary who is hell-bent on our defeat. When we face those kinds of fights, we must use the most powerful weapons God has given us. We must pull out the big guns. “Big guns?” you ask. “Aren’t all the weapons of our spiritual warfare mighty through God?” Yes, they are all mighty and effective. All of them fire the ammunition of faith so they’re all powerful. But...
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Step Into Resurrection Life

by Gloria Copeland Truly, it’s time for us to stop looking for the living among the dead. It’s time for us to stop wandering around in the cemetery of sin, sickness and failure and to step into resurrection life! As a resurrected creature, you’re no accident going somewhere to happen. Your life isn’t just a loose web of events and circumstances. God has specific plans for you. Maybe He intends for you to have the greatest healing ministry of this century. Or perhaps He wants to turn you into a tremendous preacher. Maybe He has a revelation prepared for...
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REACHING Families and RESURRECTING hope this Easter!

The Kenneth Copeland Ministries Outreach Team just returned from Douglasville, GA where they hosted The REACH for 400 families in the community. In partnership with Pastors John and Janie Alexander of Church on the Word and Feed the Children, 400 families received a week’s worth of groceries, household items, personal care items and a renewed hope during this Easter season. THE REACH is an outreach of Kenneth Copeland Ministries with Riley Stephenson, KCM’s Minister of Evangelism. The mission of this outreach is to provide physical needs for families during challenging seasons, along with meeting them where they are at...
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