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It’s Time to Raise Your Sights

4 Ways to Expand Your Vision Have you ever been challenged to think bigger? To dream larger? To expect more than you’re in the habit of expecting? When you respond to such a challenge, you call it “raising your sights.” God is in the habit of issuing challenges like that. And knowing how to respond to them is a major key to walking in all the victory and blessing Jesus died to bring us. Look back, for example, to Abraham and you’ll find God telling him to raise his sights. We find it in Genesis 13: “And the Lord said...
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End Of Days Package

Watching in the End of Days Package will become your source to discover the signs that will be evident as the end of days draws near. Order now! 
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Watching in the End of Days

Join Gloria Copeland and Billye Brim this week and next on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast and discover how you can identify signs of the coming end times! Don’t miss a day. Mon. – Review the scriptural signs leading to the end of days. Tues. – Learn how the prophets prepared God’s people for the days to come. Wed. – See how important the Great Commission is in God’s plan for the days ahead. Thurs. – Discover the church’s role in what lies ahead for the world. Fri – Get answers to God’s plan for the future of...
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Become a KCM Partner Today!

Be a part of something BIG—make an eternal difference today as you bring the message of faith to the world. Partner with Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Together, we can do far more than any of us could ever do alone!  Become a Partner now, click HERE!
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4 Steps to Keep Your Cool Under Pressure

The pressure is on. There’s no question about it. We have more to do these days-and less time to do it in-than ever before. Things, both in the natural world and in the world of the spirit, are moving at a rapid-fire pace. It’s exhilarating-and it also can be draining. In fact, if you don’t learn how to handle the pressure, it can drain you completely dry. I know because at one time in my life I let it happen to me. I felt like I was the most tired man in the world back then. I was so...
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What is Reaction Tour?

Reaction Tour is a ministry outreach of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Children and youth all around the world are Reaction Tour’s target. The main focus is to empower children by truly teaching them about the Father’s love while attending camp with us. We use activities like soccer, basketball, volleyball, dance, worship and preaching the Word of God to tug on these children’s hearts. It is Reaction Tour’s goal that each child who attends camp will REACT to the Father’s love they have seen in such a way that everyone back home will be affected. Watch this video to see what...
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Unified in Christ

This week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland share the power of partnership and how we have the potential to change our world when we stand together. Don’t miss a single day! Mon – Discover that all things are possible through partnership. Tues – Understand God’s purpose for the church to live by faith. Wed – Learn how to get rid of fear and employ your faith! Thurs – See the world-changing power that believers truly have.
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How to Increase Your Abilities, Resources & Rewards

A prophet’s reward: He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward. And he who receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward. – Matthew 10:41 If you’ve been needing greater faith, more anointing or increase in some area of your life, I’d like you to study very closely what I’m about to tell you. Don’t just read it lightly and take my word that it’s true-get out your Bible and let the Holy Spirit reveal it to you personally. Here’s why. If...
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We’re Where You Are, Partner, When You Need Us

“Our friends and family didn’t know this disaster happened to us…but KCM knew. And they were here.” This is a sentiment our Disaster Relief team hears time and again. At KCM, we often tell our Partners, “We’re Here for You!”—but those words aren’t meant to be just a marketing headline or catchy slogan. Kenneth and Gloria highly value partnership, and part of upholding that covenant is letting you know that we’re reaching out to you, our Partners, when you need it most. We know you’re praying for us each and every day, and supporting us as the Lord leads. In...
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Receive Your Miracle

Join Jeremy Pearsons and Keith Moore this week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast and learn how to use your faith to start living the life God has destined for you! Mon. – Discover how to choose to believe and receive all that God promises. Tues. – Learn how it is God who does all the work to bring your miracle. Wed. – See how to take hold of God’s promises now and let Him work through you! Thurs. – Learn how to take God’s Word by faith and trust Him in every area of your life. Fri....
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