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4 Habits of Prospering Christians

by Gloria Copeland What you are doing today with your time and your resources will determine where you will be this time next year. It will determine whether or not you are prospering in your finances, in your family, in your health. After 35 years of walking with God on a daily basis and putting Him first place in my life, I have found what it takes to experience continual growth and increase, and you can too. To put it simply, if you do what I do, you can have what I have: life and peace—God’s prosperous life. But...
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6 Steps to Live a God-Given Dream

by Kenneth Copeland Oh, Jesus! Don’t You know how sick I am? Don’t You know how broke I am? Why don’t You help me? Oh, Jesus…don’t You care? Most of us have prayed a prayer like that at one time or another. We’ve also found out such prayers don’t work. They don’t bring the power and provision of God on the scene. They leave us as sick and broke as we were when we prayed them. Why is that? It’s because that kind of “praying” does not give Jesus, our High Priest, anything to work with. It does not...
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Now is your time to grow up in the Lord!

Join Gloria Copeland and Billye Brim this week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, and discover how men and women can become mature, productive children of God and bring His plan into the earth! He has so much good to do in you and through you! Also, be sure and get the Growing up Package! This package includes: Women in the Word, 12-CD series by Billye Brim The Hearing Heart, minibook by Billye Brim Growing Up Spiritually, paperback book by Kenneth E. Hagin Click here and get it now!
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6 Keys to Living the Life God Planned for You

by Gloria Copeland             “You don’t owe anything. Your bill has already been paid.” Sometimes Ken and I hear those words in a restaurant when we start to pay for our meal. Usually it’s because one of our Partners was there and decided to bless us. That’s such a nice feeling—it always touches our hearts. When I think about what Jesus did for us when He gave His life on the cross, I’m reminded of those times and I realize God has said those same wonderful words to us: You don’t owe anything. Your bill has already been paid....
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Growing Up Spiritually

Tap into your unique gifting that opens up communication with your Heavenly Father. Tune in to the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast this week with Gloria Copeland and Billye Brim, and take a great big step in growing strong in the Lord! Mon – See how your unique gifts can usher you right into the presence of God. Tues – Take steps to develop strength that will help you accomplish God’s will for your life! Wed – Begin to recondition your heart, and experience a vibrant life of faith. Thurs – Learn that you are an eternal spirit, directly...
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Join the Online KCM Partner Community!

We’ve created a safe place for you to connect online with other KCM Partners in our exclusive KCM Partner Community! In the community, you can set up your profile, find partners in your local area, join special interest groups, stay encouraged and more. It’s a safe way for you to connect with others of like-minded faith who share your values and interests. Learn more in this video below. Are You Ready to Join the Community? Joining is easy! Here are the steps: Go to http://sso.kcm.org/register. Enter your email address, then click submit. You will then select the button that...
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How to Find Your Way Out of Impossible Circumstances

by Gloria Copeland             If you’re new to the things of God, a beginner just learning about the word of faith, no doubt you’re eager to launch into a lifestyle of living contact with God by spending time each day in prayer and the Word. That’s how I was too when I first learned what the Word of God could do. No one had to urge me to put the Word first place. No one had to tell me to turn off the television and put down the newspaper. I totally lost interest in those...
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Restore God’s place—first place in the nation!

This week! Find out how you can be God’s instrument to make changes in your nation for the sake of God’s kingdom this week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast with Kenneth Copeland and David Barton. Mon – Get a glimpse of how God will visit the nations and manifest Himself in the days ahead. Tues – See how you can be productive for God throughout your life. Wed – Understand the days ahead and God’s plan for The Church to be pre-eminent! Thurs – See how God’s grace has prepared a place for YOU in the awakening...
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3 Ways Christians Shaped America

by David Barton In early America, Christians and ministers were responsible for shaping our form of government. We were involved in three vital arenas. #1 – Christians were involved in shaping worldview. We taught society that everything in life can be addressed by principles in the Bible. Ministers addressed issues people were dealing with at the time, and gave them God’s wisdom about those subjects. They also taught their congregations from the Word what their civic responsibilities were in regard to elections, government leaders, etc. Christians were responsible for creating a biblical worldview throughout the culture. Even atheists knew...
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As you know, the weather this spring has been quite severe for much of the U.S. Several states have experienced excessive rainfall, excessive flooding, rivers cresting and many tornados. Here at Kenneth Copeland Ministries, we want you to know, as our Partner, YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN! Our Disaster Relief team has been traveling to affected cities to find our partners for the last two months, and we are not finished yet. And while the Disaster Relief team is on the road, the entire team here at the Kenneth Copeland Ministries is praying and standing with you in faith that...
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