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How to Increase Your Abilities, Resources & Rewards

A prophet’s reward: He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward. And he who receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward. – Matthew 10:41 If you’ve been needing greater faith, more anointing or increase in some area of your life, I’d like you to study very closely what I’m about to tell you. Don’t just read it lightly and take my word that it’s true-get out your Bible and let the Holy Spirit reveal it to you personally. Here’s why. If...
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We’re Where You Are, Partner, When You Need Us

“Our friends and family didn’t know this disaster happened to us…but KCM knew. And they were here.” This is a sentiment our Disaster Relief team hears time and again. At KCM, we often tell our Partners, “We’re Here for You!”—but those words aren’t meant to be just a marketing headline or catchy slogan. Kenneth and Gloria highly value partnership, and part of upholding that covenant is letting you know that we’re reaching out to you, our Partners, when you need it most. We know you’re praying for us each and every day, and supporting us as the Lord leads. In...
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Receive Your Miracle

Join Jeremy Pearsons and Keith Moore this week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast and learn how to use your faith to start living the life God has destined for you! Mon. – Discover how to choose to believe and receive all that God promises. Tues. – Learn how it is God who does all the work to bring your miracle. Wed. – See how to take hold of God’s promises now and let Him work through you! Thurs. – Learn how to take God’s Word by faith and trust Him in every area of your life. Fri....
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4 Steps to Enjoy Life More

If you’re a Christian, you should be enjoying life. Did you know that? If you’re born again, if you’ve made Jesus Christ your Lord, you should be so satisfied—so joyful, so overflowing with life that you should seem almost ridiculously optimistic to the unbelievers around you. You should greet every day with such confident expectation that it’s going to be filled with the goodness of God that others watch you with wonder and ask, “How can you be so full of hope when the world is so dark? How can you be so certain your life will be blessed?”...
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Watch What You Want, When You Want! For more information on Roku and the KCM Roku channel CLICK HERE! 
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Faith that Sets you Free Package

You have ALL the faith you need. Learn how to use it! Order now!
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Faith for Miracles

This week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, Jeremy Pearsons and Keith Moore open up the Bible to see what it says about bringing miracle-working faith into your life! Mon. – You have the measure of faith—learn how to put it to work! Tues. – Discover how God works miracles by your hands. Wed. – See how faith working by love will push fear out of your life. Thurs. – Choose to believe and expect changes in your life. Fri. – Learn how faith is trusting and doing what God says.   Don’t miss a day!
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Hawaii Is Not Forgotten

For the first time in nearly 22 years, Hawaii was faced with the threat of not one, but two hurricanes, back-to-back, during the first week of August 2014 ─ Hurricanes Iselle and Julio. By the time both storms hit Hawaii on August 8 and 9, they had significantly weakened and were downgraded from hurricane to tropical storm status. Even so, as Tropical Storm Julio approached the southern and eastern regions of Hawaii’s Big Island, it was still packing 90 mph winds. The storms caused flash flooding, wind damage and downed trees, especially in the small, agricultural communities on the...
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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fear Death

You’ve done all the dying you’re going to do. Of all the things you have ever done in your life—and of all the things you will ever do—leaving this earth will certainly be the easiest. I assure you, going from here to heaven will be the smoothest transition you’ve ever made because God will just take over. He will literally take charge of your move. In fact, He’ll send His angels to escort you into glory! “Gloria, what exactly are you talking about?” I’m talking about dying. Too many people are afraid of dying, but if you are born...
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Healing School

This week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, join Gloria Copeland in Healing School for life-changing teaching and powerful testimonies. Jesus will meet you there. Don’t miss a day! Mon – See that divine health is a gift from the Lord and how YOU can receive it. Tues – Discover God’s will for your lifelong wellness. Wed – Learn how to receive your healing and start walking in the divine health God has planned for you! Thurs – Discover how to mix your faith with the power of God and see life-changing results in your health! Fri –...
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