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Reprogram your future with your words!

This week on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, Kenneth Copeland and Pastor Bill Winston continue their life-transforming teaching that will help you set your life course by the words you speak—the words that echo the Word of God! Don’t miss a single day.

Monday – Take hold of all God has waiting for you through His Word! Watch Monday’s broadcast here.

Tuesday – Discover how you can talk like God, speak His Word like Jesus did and get the results Jesus got.

Wednesday – See how the things you focus on and give your attention to will become what makes up your life.

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Thursday – Know that your heavenly Father is waiting to bring THE BLESSING and all it provides into your life.

Friday – Discover the importance of the “first words” that come out of your mouth in every life situation.

Watch Kenneth Copeland and Bill Winston every day this week and get ready to reprogram your future by your words!

Jesus Is Lord!

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

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