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Take it or Leave it

You can’t depend on someone else’s faith. You must let God build your faith. As He is doing it, He’s preparing you to receive even bigger and better things. He’s preparing you to be a channel for Him to use to help others take what their faith is expecting.

You see, God uses people! So, while none of us can depend on someone else’s faith, we all do have a connection of faith. It’s a connection that will speak God’s Word to me when I know someone is in need, to “love your neighbor as yourself.”  Remember, faith works by love…out of a loving heart!  Love fuels faith in our own lives and in the lives of people God brings across our path. “When we stand praying,” Jesus said, “forgive.” Why? Because that’s what love does.  When we understand and believe that God’s ultimate purpose in our having faith in Him is to bless someone else, then nothing is impossible. When our faith “takes” all God has to give, we can be the next person to whom He can say, “OK, you’ve got it, now give some of it away!”

Nothing is better than living by faith in God! He will never run out of the stuff His people need and desire. When we see that His plan is to use each of us to be a participant in His blessing, why would we want to leave anything on the table?  Starting today, put your faith on something you need or desire according to God’s Word, then ask for more! Look around you: Someone out there needs it, too. They are using their faith and asking Him. And He is going to use you to give to them—to help their faith take it! It’s a great plan, a great reason to take everything God has to give us—so we can be part of all He is doing. And He gets the praise and glory for it all!

Gloria Copeland – Taken from “Take it or Leave it”  – Believers Voice of Victory Magazine – March 2010

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