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Twice Sown Seed

When you give to Kenneth Copeland Ministries, people all over the world are set free…and in more ways than you might imagine!

twice-sown-seed.jpgKCM’s outreach goes far beyond the powerful voices the Lord has entrusted to us such as the BVOV broadcast, international meetings and this magazine. Our outreach extends to other ministries—trusted, effective ministries—all around the globe. This is because the first 10 percent of all gross income received by Kenneth Copeland Ministries from donations and sales is placed into a special, earmarked fund we call Twice-Sown Seed. In other words, when we receive a gift from you, we sow a portion of it again into another ministry—so every penny you give is twice sown—it’s twice as effective and will yield twice the eternal reward.

Together with the Lord, we are meeting needs and changing the world through the miracle-working, eternal equation of Twice-Sown Seed. Here are just a few examples:

  • Your seed supports KCM and its worldwide ministry operations.
  • Your seed reaches behind prison walls with Mike Barber Ministries.
  • Your seed shares love with “at risk” young women through Mercy Ministries homes for girls.
  • Your seed flies medical missionary teams to those in pain via Air Transport for Christ.
  • Your seed comforts people during disasters, shouts out at evangelistic outreaches, teaches children about the Lord and much, much more.

The list goes on and on, but the bottom line is this: When you give to Kenneth Copeland Ministries, your gift is immediately and globally multiplied with the greatest of stewardship. So when we say thank you for your faithfulness, we’re not just speaking for ourselves. We’re also speaking on behalf of many other ministries around the world. Through Twice-Sown Seed, when Partners and Friends like you give to KCM, you’re literally changing the face of the earth!

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