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Southwest Believers’ Convention Wrapup – Kenneth Copeland Ministries


The 2009 Southwest Believers’ Convention was great. God did some amazing things right there inside the Fort Worth Convention Center, and we are excited to have been a part of it.  If you were unable to attend be sure and check out the streaming media page. You can view the entire convention from Monday to Saturday!

Since the last Twitter giveaway was so much fun we decided to do another giveaway during the 2009 SWBC. Congratulations to @toddbasham, @robertgall, @annbasham, @JAWrightMusic, @christypond, and @amishtrucker. They were our Twitter giveaway winners. They all won a free copy of Jeremy Pearsons’ book Hello My Name is God (also available on the Kindle) and a Complete Financial Breakthrough Lifeline kit.

We really enjoy hearing from all of you through our Facebook Page and Twitter account. We often share helpful quotes and make announcements about how you can get some free KCM products. And keep an eye on our Flickr account, we’ll be posting some pictures of the convention.

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